Eriez 5-Star Service Offers Warranties on Rotor Repairs

September 15, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Eriez 5-Star Service now offers one year “as new” warranties with every eddy current separator rotor repair job, the Erie, Pennsylvania-based company has announced.

Eriez Offers Warranties on Rotor Repairs

"When a rotor is down, operators lose all ability to run product on their eddy current separator,” says Eric Taylor, supervisor, remanufacturing services. “In this critical situation, finding an experienced and dependable service partner is essential.”

He adds, “Customers who trust Eriez 5-Star Service with the important job of repairing their rotor can feel confident knowing we test run all repaired rotors for a minimum of a two-hour break-in period and stand behind every job with a one-year ‘as new’ warranty.”

Eriez’ 15,000-square-foot 5-Star Service Center is in Erie. For situations in which it’s inconvenient or impractical to ship equipment to Eriez, on-site field service is available, the company says. All of the same benefits and warranties apply for on-site service.

Eriez also offers complete eddy current separator rebuilds. A typical eddy current rebuild includes repairing shaft end damage; replacing hubs, bearings, shell and wrap; and balancing the rotor. When the rebuild is complete, Eriez’s trained 5-Star Service technicians thoroughly test and certify all equipment to ensure quality before shipping it back to the customer, the company says.                                                                                      

Eddy current separators are just one example of processing equipment Eriez 5-Star Service repairs/rebuilds. Other equipment includes magnetic separators, feeders, conveyors, screeners and classifiers, metal detectors, lifting magnets, magnetic coolant cleaners, magnetic belt conveyors, magnetic chip and parts conveyors and more.

More information about Eriez 5-Star Service and the rotor repair program is available at The Eriez team also is available through the 5-Star Service hotline at 888-999-ERIEZ (3743).

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