3 Reasons Why Customers Should Choose Pressure Vessels for Gas or Liquid Storage

November 30, 2016 - "Press Releases"

3 Reasons to Choose Pressure Vessels for Gasses & Liquids

Since its inception, BEPeterson is known to many customers as a custom pressure vessel manufacturer. With over 80 years of experience, we strive not only to produce industry approved pressure vessels, but also spread awareness of their uses and benefits. At BEPeterson, we get enquiries from many first-time customers about industrial vessels, asking about their importance and benefits. Hence, we have created this post to answer such queries.

Top Reasons to Choose Pressure Vessels

3 Reasons to Choose Pressure Vessels for Gasses & Liquids

The following are the top reasons why customers should choose a custom designed pressure vessels to store high pressure gases or liquids.

  1. Meeting Different Industry Requirements: Organizations based in a variety of industries utilize pressure vessels. These include oil and gas, chemical, and automotive industries. Each of these industries use different types of liquids or gases in varied quantities. This also means that aspects like vessel size and shape, temperature, pressure rating, will be different for each application. For example, the oil and gas industry requires custom pressure vessels, which can handle high temperatures, as well as high levels of corrosiveness. Hence, the vessels need to be designed such that they can meet specific application requirements.
  2. Material Requirements Based on Industry: Pressure vessels are manufactured to meet the regulations of the ASME BPVC. Depending on the industry and application, some vessels need to be constructed using specific manufacturing materials. For example, the medical industry will require vessels to be made from stainless steel, as the material meets sterility requirements. The material will also need to be chosen for other features like price, strength, ease of welding, etc.
  3. Customizing for Volume Throughout: Many customers bring in new equipment to enhance their services or facility operations. In such situations, they require pressure vessels that can store specific volumes of gases or liquids. Custom pressure vessels can be designed to ensure that the quantity is sufficient for the volume of the gas or liquid to be stored. Also, as the vessel is manufactured to ASME regulations, it will strengthen assurance that the vessel will function properly with the new equipment.

These are just some of the reasons why customers should choose pressure vessels for their applications. BEPeterson designs and manufactures custom pressure vessels for a variety of industries. Visit us to know more details about BEPeterson’s pressure vessels.






























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