Rapid Keypads Produces Keypad to Help Man with ALS Communicate Again

May 16, 2013 - "Applications "

A man suffering from Amytrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) found that he needed the aid of a communicative device as the degenerative disease caused paralysis in much of his body, including his vocal chords. He had been using his finger to press a button to call for help when he needed it, but as he lost strength in his finger this task became too difficult as well. His nurses recognized this as a serious problem and one of them contacted Rapid Keypads for a solution. She explained the situation and wondered if a device with a touch screen could be made, so the patient would not have to press down, but simply touch the button to call for help.

Ready to take on the challenge, the engineers at Rapid Keypads started work on a device with driver electronics that have the ability to produce high-fidelity audio and is activated by a touch sensitive button. Using a digitally printed capacitive touch switch and their Fast Touch electronics that detects the presence of a finger and produces audio feedback, the project was completed within one day and packaged in an off-the-shelf plastic casing.

The medical device was received with much appreciation. The nurse who had requested it thanked the company saying, “It works exactly as you said it would. A trillion Thanks. The patient used it for almost an hour straight, smiling the entire time. Tears of JOY and HAPPINESS were present, not only on his face, but mine as well. You are a hero in our eyes. Great job! Know that you have given a dying man (who has given of himself his entire life) the greatest gift of all: peace. He no longer has to struggle to be heard, or lay there worrying if it will work. I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. Best wishes for your future accomplishments. May you and yours have a healthy and happy life."

Rapid Keypads is glad to have had the opportunity to use their technology in a way that made a difference in the patient’s every day life. In addition to the medical field, their products serve industries including consumer, aerospace and industrial. For more information or to inquire about your next project, visit the Rapid Keypads website or call their sales and support teams at (239) 558-8810.


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