Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor Manufacturer Introduces Vacuum Dryer for 3D Printing

August 17, 2023 - "New Product Release"

Metal Powder Drying System from Volkmann Prevents Clumping   

Bristol, PA: Pneumatic vacuum conveying equipment manufacturer Volkmann USA, Bristol, PA, has introduced the vDryer vacuum dryer. Developed to promote consistent, high quality metal part production, the new vDryer automatically restores metal powders that have absorbed ambient moisture during storage or transport to the moisture content value required for the build job. The vDryer features electric vacuum pump technology that establishes the suction needed to quickly evacuate significant amounts of moisture without applying heat to the sensitive material. Powder quality is improved and successive powder layers are consistently and smoothly applied during printing.

Proven by BMW Group to improve the quality of its 3D printed metal parts, the Volkmann vacuum drying system may be installed upstream from the printer to ensure powders transferred from storage meet the required moisture specifications, or downstream from the printer to prepare unused material for screening, storage, and/or reuse. The powder dryer is offered with the company's companion pneumatic vacuum conveyors to automatically transfer the dried powder into the build box and/or into storage.

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