BV Thermal Systems Announces New Tall Design for the Rackmount Heat Exchanger

December 01, 2016 - "New Product Release"

Tall Rackmount Heat Exchanger Offers Added Flexibility

The “Tall” Rackmount Heat Exchanger utilizing energy efficient controls is designed to fit a standard 19” rack and is built to dissipate heat in demanding operating conditions.  

Tall Rackmount Heat Exchanger Offers Added Flexibility

“Typically, the BV Thermal Systems rackmount units are in the 15.75” – (9U) range, but by extending the height to 23U, we have more options. By increasing the height, we are able to accommodate the special needs for our client such as adding an additional heater, or an extended tank size or even an oversized plate style exchanger, said Stan Young, President of BV Thermal Systems.  The tall design affords us the flexibility to really customize a rackmount unit that will fully service the needs of our customer.”  

BV Thermal Systems offers numerous standard models of recirculating chillers (portable and rack  mount) with standard sizes ranging from 828 watts to 52,000 watts, a 40°C to +50°C temperature range and a ±0.1°C temperature accuracy. The reliable and accurate recirculating chillers are totally customizable from coolant (water, deionized (DI) water, EGW, PGW, etc.), capacity, flow rate, piping and controller. Standard features include: Auto tuning PID Controller, Hot Gas Bypass Valve, Adjustable High and Low Temperature Alarms and Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge. Every chiller (standard or custom) is equipped with a one year warranty on parts and service.  

Since 1980, BV Thermal Systems, formerly known as Bay Voltex, and a division of Budzar Industries, is a leader in developing, engineering and manufacturing precision temperature control equipment for high technology industries such as Laser, Semiconductor, Medical and Pharmaceutical.  

Budzar Industries specializes in process fluid heat transfer systems. Since 1975, Budzar Industries has earned a reputation for quality and ingenuity in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of temperature control systems. Today, Budzar Industries systems are found throughout the world bringing accurate temperature measurement and control to the production of: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum, plastics, rubber, paper, power, steel, and food.  

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