ICOMold Case Study: Nunchuck Grips

October 03, 2016 - "Press Releases"

ICOMold Helps Nunchuck Grips Produce Self-Defense Items

Nunchuck Grips LLC doesn’t actually sell nunchucks as the name implies. They make outdoor recreational products that allow you to protect yourself very quickly when needed.

Their products are very unique, and serve a useful purpose of providing concealed self-protection devices that you can quickly access should you encounter danger.

You can carry a knife concealed in your bicycle handlebar. Or pepper spray in the handle of your umbrella or trekking pole.

Nunchuck Grips are storage systems with a patent pending quick-release feature – simply pinch the tabs together and pull out to gain access to the accessory. The mechanism has up to 5 parts that must fit together with extremely tight tolerances.

Mike Yin, founder of Nunchuck Grips, approached a handful of local plastic injection molders, but they took way too long to quote, or were not able to do the molding for him because the molds required multiple slides and interchangeable inserts. So he came to ICOMold.

“ICOMold was able to tackle the project and deliver,” said Yin. “What I liked most was the ability to review the details of the molded parts (gates, parting lines, ejector marks, etc.), with the tooling engineers.”

“Being a Mechanical Engineer myself with nearly 15 years experience,” continued Yin, “I found it refreshing to work with a company with such a phenomenal online quoting tool. It allowed us to experiment with different materials, quantities, and mold configurations to see the cost impact in real time.”

Perhaps the most flattering compliment Mike gave us was when he said, “I see ICOMold as more of a team member, not just a molder.”

We enjoyed working with Mike on this project and wish him much success selling his unique products. To learn more about how ICOMold has helped customers solve their plastic injection molding problems, please visit the Case Studies page at https://icomold.com/case-studies/.

ICOMold Helps Nunchuck Grips Produce Self-Defense Items
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