New LabelTac® Pro 2 Industrial Label Printer Makes Workplace Marking Easier

September 29, 2016 - "New Product Release"

New Industrial Label Printer from Creative Safety Supply

Creative Safety Supply, a provider of industrial labeling solutions, has released the LabelTac® Pro 2 industrial label printer. This model is the newest printer in the LabelTac® line of 4-inch thermal transfer printers. These printers help businesses create the signs and labels they need for compliance, safety and efficiency.

This upgraded model features enhanced connectivity capabilities so users can print from any PC using USB or built-in ethernet. It also has a compact footprint that will not take up too much room in the workspace and increases portability. Additionally, the LabelTac® Pro 2 has simplified die-cut detection, which streamlines the printing process for individual, on-a-roll labels. Users will no longer need to spend time aligning the label supply in the printer, and labels won’t go to waste in the process.

Further features of the LabelTac® Pro 2 include: 

  • Upgraded ribbon capacity (versus the basic LabelTac® 4 printer model)
  • Streamlined design
  • Easy to load/unload label supply
  • Ability to print with familiar software including Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Included label printing software - LabelSuite™
  • Thousands of included templates and safety symbols
  • Lifetime warranty

The LabelTac® Pro 2 can print labels one-half inch to four inches wide and create long-lasting labels for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used to make a variety of visuals including organizational and 5S labels, OSHA safety labels, wayfinding signage, arc flash labels, pipe marking labels, storage markings for warehouses and barcodes.

Learn more at:

Customers can also contact 1-866-777-1360 with questions or to make a purchase.

About Creative Safety Supply

Creative Safety Supply is an Oregon-based retailer of safety and lean manufacturing products for the industrial workplace. The company’s LabelTac® industrial label printers, SafetyTac® floor marking tape and other safety solutions help businesses comply with regulations, improve employee safety and increase efficiency.

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