Thermal Devices Unveils New Website

September 28, 2017 - "Company News"

Thermal Devices' Updated Website is Functional & Attractive

Our team at Thermal Devices is pleased to introduce our new company website, providing potential customers a visitor-friendly experience and easier access to our catalog of products.

Thermal Devices' Updated Website is Functional & Attractive

Our new home page offers direct links to each of our main categories of products, which include temperature sensors, electrical and motor control, temperature control equipment, and industrial heaters. Every product has a detailed summary and suggested applications for which the product can be used.

A marquee-style list of all of our valued partnering manufacturers is seen scrolling across our homepage. This feature, along with our Manufacturers tab, puts almost 40 different manufacturers in one place and one click away from our valued customers.

We are very proud to announce the expansion of our E-commerce functionality. We added thousands of products from the largest names in the industrial heating and electrical control industries and we are adding thousands more every month. Our customers have the option to choose between electrical & motor control products, industrial heating, temperature & process control products, and temperature sensor products. Also added to the page are new features which allow you to search by product category or part number.

Thermal Devices' Updated Website is Functional & Attractive

Other features include an advanced search engine, which allows clients to search for products by manufacturer and type of product.

With our website users in mind, we added a new Request a Quote link on the homepage to save you time. Simply click on the link and you can request a quote for any of our products with ease.

A new Technical Information tab has been added, with PDF’s on topics such as heater wiring help, electrical fundamentals and online calculators for comfort heating and ohms laws.

Our Catalog Request tab allows users to request a catalog by simply signing up for it, the catalog will provide you everything you need to know about the products we provide.

Visitor feedback is always welcome. For more information on Thermal Devices, visit us at  

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