MBK Awarded 3M Preferred Converter Status

February 14, 2019 - "Blog"



MBK Awarded 3M Preferred Converter Status

Since 1976, MBK Tape Solutions has been a 3M Platinum Preferred Converter in both 3M’s Medical and Industrial Tapes divisions. Having the Platinum 3M Preferred Converter status gives MBK access to the most competitively priced, high quality 3M branded products that meet our customer’s needs as well as gives MBK access to 3M technical expertise and support.


What 3M Partnership Provides for MBK

As part of the 3M Platinum Preferred Converter program, 3M provides training and technical know-how to our staff. This ensures MBK has product knowledge on the latest and greatest technology 3M is bringing to the market. 3M has a wide range of adhesive-backed materials that are spec’d in every industry from Medical Device to Automotive. 3M’s spec driven mentality helps MBK with credibility when we use the 3M branded materials in all our applications. Sample rolls of the 3M materials are always in stock at MBK and available for our customers. We also have access to jumbo rolls that are readily available for shipment to MBK.  We have access to the very best pricing terms, ensuring we source our customers the right products, at competitive prices.

What the 3M Partnership Provides to our Customers

The brand 3M is a trusted name in the tape market as well as the consumer products space. This trusted name is something our customers have come to rely in our 45+ years in the converting business. 3M supplies a wide range of quality products, which in turn, builds a level of confidence in our MBK sales and production workforce. With years of experience and training, MBK’s application team has acquired the knowledge to select the optimum product in terms of performance and pricing requirements for each unique application.
MBK adds value to the 3M materials by die cutting, laminating, slitting, sheeting and printing according to the specifications needed for the multitude of applications we work on every single day. MBK offers ISO 8 cleanroom manufacturing/ assembly/ packaging for every kind of medical application. Our converting services and partnership with 3M can help you enhance your product’s design and appearance as well as improve performance and help you create a better and more competitive product.
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