New ROTRON® Minispiral Wide Body, Variable Air Flow Regenerate Blower by AMETEK Now on the Market

February 12, 2013 - "Capabilities "

AMETEK is proud to introduce the new ROTRON® Minispiral 12V HDC Extra Flow / Extra Wide Regenerative Blower, which combines a state of the art electronics package and a high-performance DC brushless motor/blower. This combination allows for air pressure up to 26 inches of water gauge and air flow delivery up to 12 standard cubic feet per minute from a four-inch diameter package. Compact and quiet, the Minispiral blower has a high performance design, weighing less than two pounds and measuring 4.18 inches by 1.83 inches.

The unit includes a glass filled phenolic molded blower and impeller cover and die cast aluminum motor housing. Minispiral’s permanently lubricated, stainless steel bearings provide the brushless DC motor with up to 30,000 hours of bearing life, and the integrated control electronics offers variable air flow control. This electronics package also allows the unit to be customized for a wide range of specific uses such as laboratory equipment and advanced air sampling applications. Some optional features that are available with the Minispiral blower include variable input voltages and low-voltage versions, application-specific voltages, and built-in pressure and speed sensors.

AMETEK PMC is a leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and electrochemical devices with brands that include ROTRON® regenerative blowers, transportation blowers, motors, fans, pumps; Nautiliar® variable-speed brushless combustion blowers; Haydon Kerk ® linear actuators, rails, guides & splines, drives, motors; Windjammer® variable-speed brushless blowers; and more. For more information about the New ROTRON® Minispiral Wide Body, Variable Air Flow Regenerate Blower and other high quality products, visit AMETEK’s company profile.


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