Announcing The MDX-2: Shred-Tech®’s Highest Security Shredding Truck.

January 27, 2014 - "New Product Release"

CAMBRIDGE, ON, January 24, 2014 // Always innovating. Shred-Tech® is pleased to introduce the MDX-2 Ultra High Security shredding truck. The MDX-2 is Shred-Tech®’s latest innovation and advancement of the successful MDX-1. The MDX-2 can produce DIN 4 sized particles with the press of a button. In regular shred mode the MDX-2’s bulletproof ST-15H shredder will shred up to 6,500 Lbs/Hr, while in high security mode it will shred up 1,100 Lbs/Hr.

MDX units can shift between regular and ultra high security mode on the fly The MDX models do not use screens or the movement of stacked shredders to achieve ultra high security shred size.

Ultra high security for when shred size really matters.

Of course Shred-Tech®’s standard features including digital Plus-1® controls, enclosed bin tunnel, universal gripper tipper and predictive idle with remote start / stop ensure the versatile MDX line up meets the high standards we are known for.

Contact Shred-Tech® for more about the MDX-2 today!

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