Konecranes Consultation Services Use Leading Technology to Take a Deeper Look at Critical Crane Components

September 19, 2016 - "Press Releases"

 Konecranes (HEX: KCR1V) uses leading technology and trained specialists to offer a variety of Consultation Services. These services offer valuable information for both Konecranes maintenance customers and for those with in-house crane maintenance teams.

Konecranes RailQ Runway Survey Rail Analysis

"Our menu of Consultation Services can benefit everyone, even if they have their own maintenance crews," said Jim Skowron, Regional VP Sales, Konecranes Region Americas Service. "We offer technologies that most facilities don't have, especially in the areas of crane geometrics and runway inspection."

Konecranes RailQ Runway Survey is an industry-leading rail analysis that uses a remotely operated robot combined with a visual inspection to provide an in-depth view of the alignment and condition of the crane rail.

"RailQ is a superstar technology," says Skowron. "Gathering information about span, straightness, elevation and rail-to-rail elevation by sending a robot down the runway versus someone having to walk it and take laser measurements is a safer, faster alternative."

According to Skowron, RailQ substantially reduces the time needed to collect data, often to a fraction of what would be required to do the job manually. "There's just no comparison when it comes to safety."

The RopeQ™ Magnetic Rope Inspection is recommended for any wire rope application and is particularly useful for process cranes in constant use, cranes that are only used occasionally and cranes that are hard to inspect visually. Throughout the working life of a wire rope, its wires, strands and core are subjected to tension, bending and abrasion. If too many of these wires are broken or the core is damaged, the strength and safety of the rope is compromised.

"Only about 15 percent of the wires can be inspected visually," says Wayne Kennedy, Product Manager, Konecranes Region Americas Service. "With RopeQ, we use magnetic, non-destructive testing technology to give us visibility inside, which is often where most of the broken wires are found." RopeQ helps customers optimize wire rope change intervals to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Konecranes Gear Case Inspection uses an endoscope to assess internal components that are not typically evaluated during routine inspections, surpassing the criteria specified by OSHA. In an Advanced Gear Case Inspection, the gear case is disassembled and the internal components are tested using non-destructive testing techniques such as dye-penetrant and magnetic rubber. Inspecting these critical components gives managers a valuable snapshot of the condition of the gears, revealing faint or small deficiencies that cannot be seen with the unassisted eye.

"If any one of these critical components fails, lives could be at risk," says Kennedy. "Konecranes RailQ, RopeQ and both levels of Gear Case Inspections are essential tools to help managers identify and address safety and production issues relating to their overhead cranes."

For more information about Konecranes Consultation Service, visit http://www.konecranesusa.com/service/crane-consultation-services.

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