Why Flange Heaters are an Industrial Factory’s Ally

February 26, 2016 - "Company News"

In many industrial factories that store water, chemicals, and gas inside steel containers that need to be heated regularly, they need a proper heating source. While there are many sources that provide sufficient heat, none work quite as well as flange heaters. Flange heaters allow a very wide range of heating that is more than sufficient for liquids such as mineral oil, vegetable oil, and water to name a few. The heaters themselves provide many heating temperatures to efficiently heat volumes of liquid that will efficiently streamline many industrial processes in a factory. If you require heating in a factory where you will be heating volumes of various liquids, you may want to consider using flange heaters.
What are flange heaters?
Flange heating is achieved initially with a flange heater, which consists of multiple steel tubes that are welded into circular or square flange. Heat is produced by each steel tube to a desired heat temperature. Flanged immersion heaters are then added inside water tanks that have large holes for the heater. Once they are inserted inside the holes, flange heaters are then controlled through a central control system or thermostat where users can program various heating temperatures at a specific amount of time.
What applications are suitable for flange heaters?
With flange heaters offering a wide variety of heating temperatures, this immersion heater is suitable for all sorts of applications. The industrial market has everything to gain in using flange heaters as it is suitable for many types of factories. These include:
Pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies regularly work with thousands of medicinal ingredients that require sufficient heating to produce medicine, supplements, creams, and ointments to name a few.
Food processing. Another industry where factories require the use of multiple flange heaters is the food and beverage companies that mass produce food products for nationwide distribution.
Oil. With many factories that produce cooking oil, fuel oil, and petroleum, flange heaters are an essential requirement.
Advantages of using flange heaters in an industrial setting
Variety. Flange heaters are ideal for heating gases, water, and other liquids.
Efficiency. Flange heaters are ideal for heating volumes of liquid quickly. 
Dependability. Flange heaters are composed of material ideal for heating different liquids and gases. In addition, the material for which flange heaters are made last years at a time before requiring maintenance.
Cost. Investing in multiple flange heaters for your factory is considered a wise investment in efficient machinery.
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