Series ESFX Electric Linear Slide

January 26, 2015 - "New Product Release"

Series ESFX Electric Linear Slides feature a ball screw design providing superior speed and load/moment performance in a saddle type actuator. Along with other PHD electric and pneumatic solutions, these linear slides can combine to create virtually any system to meet your Cartesian robot needs.

The flexibility of Your Motor, Your Way provides the freedom to use familiar motors and controls, making this linear slide the optimal solution for the most demanding automation applications.

Series ESFX Benefits:

  • Rigid frame provides superior support and strength
  • High allowable load/moment capacities
  • Modular capability to create Cartesian robot systems
  • Heavy duty versions available to provide additional bearing support for high load and offset applications
  • Your Motor, Your Way for configuration of motor mounting plates for many motor manufacturers

Visit our website to learn more about the Series ESFX and PHD's other electric actuator solutions.

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