500°F Inert Atmosphere Oven Ages Rubber Parts

February 29, 2016 - "New Product Release"

A 600 CFM, ½ HP recirculating blower provides universal airflow.
Inert Atmosphere Oven
The No. 870 is a 500°F (260°C), inert atmosphere oven from Grieve (Round Lake, IL) that is currently used for aging rubber parts. Features include:
Workspace dimensions of 36” W x 60” D x 36” H.
  • 12 KW installed in lncoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements.
  • A 600 CFM, ½ HP recirculating blower that provides universal airflow.
  • 4” insulated walls.
  • An aluminized steel exterior.
  • A Type 430 stainless steel interior.
The oven features inert atmosphere construction, including:
  • Pressure regulator.
  • Flow meter.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Inner oven walls sealing directly against ½” thick silicone rubber door seal.
  • Air jacket on the inner oven for cooling.
  • Blower shaft seal.
  • Positive latching door hardware.
  • Adjustable offset door hinges.
  • Outlet with pressure relief.
  • Interior seams welded gas-tight.
  • Wall penetrations fitted with compression fittings.
  • Also onboard is a 650 CFM blower with 2-position motorized dampers to pull air through the air jacket on the inner oven for cooling.
Controls on No. 870 include a recording and programming temperature controller.
For more information, visit www.grievecorp.com, or 847-546-8225.
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