You’d Be Surprised at What Our Ovens are Involved With!

July 28, 2015 - "Blog"

We make ovens but not those sexy, glittery ones you see on cooking shows or in restaurants. While those ovens seem to get a lot of attention from consumers, it’s our ovens that are probably more involved with the average consumer on a daily basis.

Wisconsin Oven Corporation OvensHuh? Yes, we make industrial ovens for manufacturers and fabricators, not consumers, but our products play a vital role in many consumer products. It’s funny how our processes are unknown to most outside the manufacturing industry but many products wouldn’t be the same without us.

There are many unique applications requiring heat. Any product that is powder coated requires a trip through the oven to dry the finish. Powder coating is used on appliances, vehicles, furniture, architectural components, and so many more. Items you come in contact with every day that have an attractive, durable finish are probably products of one of our ovens!

If you are a fan of American whiskey and bourbon, chances are you can thank us for that great taste. Well, maybe not completely but our oven are used in the barrel making process so we have helped make each bottle of Jack. The wood needs to be dried properly and consistently for the barrels to age the whiskey effectively. You can watch the barrels being made in this video.

Products made from rubber and polymers also use a heating process for curing. Things like pet toys get their strength and durability from being cured in a Wisconsin Oven product. The next time you look at your dog contentedly chewing on its favorite toy, think of us!

Heat treating is also needed to produce many personal products such as Breath Strips. This is one of many thin-film delivery systems that dissolve when it comes in contact with liquid (saliva). Prepared using hydrophilic polymers, these thin-film products have a curing step in their manufacturing process and you can bet a Wisconsin Oven is responsible for that too!

There are so many more applications that we are a part of but not enough space to list them all. Our ability to meet the needs of any manufacturer is what makes a Wisconsin Oven trusted by so many in the industry.


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