USFCR Client Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. Lands First Contract

November 28, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Cooling Tower Systems Wins First Government Contract

US Federal Contractor Registration client Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. received in October a $200 contract from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land and Maritime to provide 10,000 feet of electrical wire.

While the company -- a certified veteran-owned small business -- makes available to the government surplus items, such as electrical wire, that is new, unused, and in its original packaging, it is known for manufacturing and providing cooling towers -- which it makes available to clients around the United States.

The company's secret to its recent contracting success?

"We provide excellent pricing on our entire surplus inventory and also excellent customer service," said Cooling Tower Systems Owner Joe Coates. He added that, at least in his company's case, perseverance simply paid off.

Of course, he also credited the acquisition and training team at US Federal Contractor Registration for helping the company learn how to identify, bid on, and win government contracts.

"Acquisition specialist Justin Jones and our bid trainer, John Wayne, have been extremely helpful," said Coates. "I am always able to schedule a same-day conference with John, and both of them are able to answer all of my questions."

US Federal Contractor Registration helps clients complete the SAM Registration, develop winning bid strategies, and succeed as government contractors. In 2015, USFCR clients earned nearly $2 billion in government contracts.

Coates has been building and selling government surplus items since 1980, and Cooling Tower Systems has sold cooling towers since 1992.

Eric Knellinger, president of US Federal Contractor Registration, the world's largest third-party government registration firm, said that this experience, as well as specializing in manufacturing cooling towers, positions Cooling Tower Systems to not only succeed as a government contractor but also to build a name for itself with procurement officers.

"Purchasing officers, when they issue a solicitation for wire or other similar products, make clear in their solicitations that they only will consider new and unused items, often only in their original packaging. Cooling Tower System's ability to meet this demand helps position itself uniquely in the government contracting sector," said Knellinger. "The fact that it also makes available cooling towers is simply icing on the cake, and I bet the DLA, if it ever need a cooling tower, will remember how well the company handled this contract and will reach out to them."

Knellinger added: "That's really the perfect situation -- build a brand for yourself, make sure procurement officers know and remember your name, and fulfill contracts quickly and accurately."

For more information about Cooling Tower Systems, Inc., contact Joe Coates at

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