Nex Flow Air Products Releases Frigid-XTM Sub Zero Vortex Tool Cooling Mist System

January 31, 2013 - "Industry Insight"

Chicago, Illinois – November 26, 2012 – At the recent Nex Flow Air Products summit,

Nex Flow Air Products revealed their new NexFlowTM Frigid-XTM Sub Zero

VortexTM Tool Cooling Mist System to the public. The unit is a mist unit designed

to cool and lubricate machine operations when dry machining is impossible. The mist

system both supplies and cools the liquid using a vortex tube without the need for

additional pumping. This creates a maintenance-free system that reduces mist volume by

20 percent.


Advantages of the system include:

Non-electric motion

Reduced costs from no pump system

Reduced cooling fluid use

Maintenance-free use

No moving parts

Lightweight and portable design

Nex Flow sees this new coolant as the wave of the future for machine operations.

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