Largest Global Refinery Looks to Niagara Bottle Washer for Durability

January 25, 2019 - "Press Releases"

Refinery Requires Extra Clean Bottles for Testing Purposes in Laboratory


A Middle Eastern refinery with a production capacity of more than 500,000 barrels a day was seeking a more durable and reliable bottle washing system for their laboratory needs. Working in an environment that demands cleanliness and explosion proof equipment, Niagara Systems provided the Series 136 Cabinet Bottle Washer to achieve the desired output.
Niagara Systems was asked to provide a reliable and durable cabinet style bottle washer for a client under the strictest requirements and harshest conditions. A minimum of 72 bottles per hour needed to be washed and completely dried per 8-hour shift at 36 bottles per cycle.  The existing washer could not handle the requirements, leaked often, and required constant repair due to selecting a non-industrial machine which was not designed for a rigorous 24/7 application.  
The Series 136 Cabinet Bottle Washer was installed and is performing flawlessly. Extra durable components, utilization of non-corrosive materials, and explosion proof design allows the Series 136 to perform safely at top efficiency. 
The Niagara Systems Series 136 standard bottle washer outlasts ordinary washers due to its sturdy design, durable components, and world-class technology. Previous washers would fail after only 3-5 years and need replacement, while the Niagara system is designed to last decades with less maintenance and minimal downtime.


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