XIMEA announces partnership to combine hyperspectral imaging software and camera

May 14, 2015 - "Company News"

XIMEA has announced their collaboration toward interoperability between Perception Park’sHyperspectral Imaging solution, and its miniature hyperspectral USB 3.0 camera product line.

Evolution of Machine Vision

Perception Park’s Perception System is a standalone data processing solution or, machine vision bridge, which acts as an adapter to a hyperspectral camera. The system can be configured for numerous applications, via the Perception STUDIO hyperspectral imaging software. One such task that users will be able to perform is chemical color imaging, which is an image processing technology that the Perception System is capable of performing. With this capability, users can develop sorting solutions based on chemical material properties.

“[The] Combination of Perception System, Perception Park’s unique hyperspectral data processing solution, with XIMEA’s impressively compact HSI cameras is a new milestone for accessibility of this technology,” said Manfred Pail, CFO at Perception Park. “Simplicity of software and camera facilitates design and mass-implementation into user’s hyperspectral imaging applications.”

XIMEA’s hyperspectral camera line, which recently won a 2015 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award, is based on its xiQ family of USB3 Vision cameras. The xiQ series of USB3 cameras integrate three hyperspectral sensors from imec that are available in a 100 band line-scan design, 32 band snapshot tiled design and a snapshot mosaic design featuring 16 bands in a matrix of 4 x 4 per-pixel filters.

“This cooperation between hardware maker and software provider is another step towards enriching the capabilities of the smallest, lightest, least power consuming and most cost effective solution in hyperspectral field today,” said Max Larin, CEO of XIMEA.

View more information on XIMEA’s hyperspectral cameras.


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