Architectural Cable Railing Arbor

January 15, 2020 - "Applications "

The Challenge
The Promenade Bolingbrook — a popular outdoor shopping and entertainment complex located in Bolingbrook, Il., a suburb of Chicago — was under construction, and a Nick’s Metal Fabricating had been contracted to design and build a centerpiece arbor.
Nick’s hired Lexco to manufacture the architectural wire rope assemblies required for the trellised arbor top. The assemblies needed to be extremely long but precise and needed to be completed within a very short time.
The Solution
The design of the top of the arbor featured ½” diameter wire rope spanning the length of the structure with additional diagonally oriented cables positioned in a crosshatch pattern over them.
For the length-spanning cables, we custom manufactured a single run as opposed to 18. This allowed the customer to save time and money on fittings and installation. The bill of materials called for 300 Series Stainless Steel for its strength and corrosion resistance — important features for an open-air shopping center. Measuring 225 feet and weighing 150 pounds, the final cable was fitted with custom threaded studs on each end.
We also manufactured 36 custom diagonal cable assemblies, also made with 300 Series Stainless Steel wire rope. These assemblies included a total of 72 turnbuckles and threaded studs. The diagonal cable assemblies were comprised of 28 feet of cable.
The Result
Successfully meeting the extremely tight timeframe, Lexco delivered nearly 400 feet of architectural wire rope assemblies to the metal fabricator working on The Promenade Bolingbrook. The contractor installed a first article to ensure that each assembly fit their frame perfectly without drooping or sagging, and our wire rope assemblies easily met all strength requirements. The arbor was successfully installed at The Promenade Bolingbrook.
Lexco Cable was able to deliver high-quality, aesthetically pleasing wire rope assemblies at a fair price — with no downtime or complications. The metal fabricator was very impressed with our team’s speedy, efficient work, and we’re proud to have been a part of this multifaceted project.
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