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July 22, 2014 - "Blog"

May 13, 2014

At United Equipment Accessories, our aim is to be the one company that comes to mind when you look to purchase your electrical slip rings, hydraulic swivels or combination units. We have the process, equipment and personnel on staff to design each piece of equipment from scratch or improve your existing design.

The process works like this:

1)     Start with basic questions related to the requirements and complete a RFQ.

2)     A designer models the part to the information provided while clarifying any information needed that wasn’t provided in the RFQ.

3)     The UEA team meets for a pre-quote review of the design and discusses foreseeable issues. Upon successful review, the quote is opened and all the costs of materials, purchased parts, fabrication and assembly are added.

4)     The quote is then reviewed again with all departments having signed off on their area.

5)     The quote is submitted to the client for approval.

In addition to our top- notch people and proven process, we have the machine and assembly equipment to meet your highest expectations. Our Mori Seike machine center makes our housings and spools in one set-up. After being deburred, the parts are fully inspected and welding, if needed, is done to hold flatness and perpendicularity on the mounting plates.

Next, parts go through a three stage washing process which maintains an ISO 4406 cleanliness standard. The parts are then taken to our 900 sq. ft. Class L clean room for assembly and testing. During testing, the swivels are rotated both directions under load and no load while torque is monitored. Upon passing the test, the ports of the swivel are sealed and the parts are painted to specification. Great people, proven process and the best equipment: This is why we can be your one stop shop.

Tom Van Veldhuizen



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