Hendrick Announces New Corporate Website Launch & Rebranding

August 03, 2017 - "Company News"

The Hendrick Companies Announce New Website & Branding
The Hendrick Companies Announce New Website & Branding

Redesigned website offers visitors richer insight into the Company’s integrated services and product offerings

The Hendrick companies, a leading manufacturer of perforated metals, wedge wire, Profile Bar, and fabricated products, today announced the official launch of its new corporate branding and redesigned website, Hendrickcorp.com. The enhanced site, offers a refreshed corporate identity and quick access to essential information about its products, services, and workplace. The site introduces a blog and resource center featuring technical downloads, specifications, and Company-issued news, among other content.

The new site offers increased content for audiences within the industrial, municipal and architectural marketplace. Focused on communicating the Company’s breadth of product offerings, three independent websites were consolidated into one, providing a ‘one-stop’ shop that boosts client choices. The rebranding and expanded capabilities are focused on supporting existing customer trust and confidence in the Company’s expertise as a fabricated metal supplier.

According to the Marketing team, “One of our main website redesign goals was to help our visitors get to know us better and get a feel for who we are as a company. We wanted easy navigation with ample content and resources to answer all visitor questions. We’re proud of the new site, but we know there’s still work to do. In the coming months, we plan to continue improving the site so that it best serves how we communicate with our visitors.”

About the Hendrick Divisions
The Hendrick group of companies serve a broad range of industries, with a wide array of commercial and industrial applications. Founded in 1876, in Carbondale, PA, Hendrick Manufacturing has earned the reputation to be the leader in perforated and fabricated metal products.  Elgin, IL is home to Hendrick Metal Products, a Hendrick division that services the mid-west with perforated and fabricated products.  Hendrick Screen Company, based in Owensboro, KY, was founded in 1974 to manufacture wedge wire and Profile Bar products.  Hendrick Architectural supplies the architectural market with a variety of decorative metal products from all Company divisions.





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