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New Webpage Offers Quick, Easy Information on Crucial Heat Control for Medical Devices


For almost 70 years, Massachusetts-based Backer Hotwatt, Inc. has been helping customers find unique, top-quality custom solutions to their crucial heat control requirements in many different markets and industries. As a manufacturing partner, it has been working with engineers from the most important medical equipment manufacturers around the world for a multitude of electric heating applications. Backer Hotwatt has created a resource page on their website to help customers and prospects in the medical device industry find the information they need quickly.

Adhering to the impeccable standards that medical devices require for optimal patient outcomes, Backer Hotwatt custom designs and manufactures heaters that perform to the precise measurement and regulation of temperature in items and processes that range from blood and fluid warming, insufflation and ablation devices, sterilization, patient comfort, and cell incubation for laboratories.

Custom heaters include fluid warmers that help patients undergoing surgical or invasive procedures with safe parameters. Precise temperature control on air heaters for insufflation provide surgeons and clinicians optimal conditions during this minimally invasive procedure and helps ensure quicker recovery time for patients. Sterilization and contamination control are at the heart of managing bioburden in laboratory and research environments, whether it is for animal research, bio safety labs, or general laboratory facilities. Backer Hotwatt can custom-design air heaters for each unique application, ultimately helping to maintain the integrity of the scientific process for each requirement. Fluid heaters for endometrial ablation are custom built so doctors can control the temperature throughout the procedure, reducing the risk of infection and allowing for quicker recovery times. There are many medical device systems that help keep patients comfortable and prevent or treat hypothermia. More systems on the market today are also made in a modular fashion—for ease of use, compact design, adjustability, and portability. Most systems also work in conjunction with cooling processes, which makes having a reliable heater—and custom sizing in their design and function—that much more vital. Backer Hotwatt has vast experience with immersion heaters to design custom solutions for all applications. Cell incubation requires perfect growth conditions in a controlled environment with exacting temperatures and the ability to regulate them, sometimes over extended periods of time. Backer Hotwatt has an extensive air heater catalogue and can custom build any heater to meet its customers’ needs.

Jamie Holley, Backer Hotwatt’s president said, “We know how busy everyone is and wanted to create a comprehensive resource for customers and prospects in the medical device industry who need electric heating devices so they can have the information they need, literally, at their fingertips. We enjoy a reputation as a responsive service provider with all our products—stock and custom built—and are happy to include this added layer to the mix.”

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