Quality and Efficiency in Titanium Cutting

July 17, 2014 - "Company News"

Precision Waterjet Concepts: Quality and Efficiency in Titanium Cutting

We at Precision Waterjet Concepts can cut Titanium with no problems. Our process is smooth and efficient so that all of our customers can get the very best quality. Typically, our turnaround process is ten days which makes projects hassle-free for our diverse customer base. Our titanium cutting process is second to none. Our standardized process requires no secondary finishing when cutting titanium. Our process will not melt titanium or leave a burr finish. And we can cut titanium using very intricate designs and patterns, all with a smooth finish.

One of our clients wanted us to cut a 1” thick Titanium hull with a bevel on both the top and bottom of the plate; we were able to cut it with ease. Our ability to cut from thin gauge to 8” thick Titanium with our fast turnaround will allow us to do your job fast and efficient.  

We are not your ordinary waterjet company, we will do things others cannot or will not do.  Give us a call today 218-568-5052.

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