Midwest Finishing Systems Now Providing Production Info Pdfs Online

August 10, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Midwest Finishing Systems Now Offers Production Info Online

Midwest Finishing, Inc. has added product offering and specs sheet information to their website to provide increased information online to current and potential customers. This information will provide product searchers with downloadable pdfs for review to help guide them in deciding on a specific product to suit their needs.

Current information is available on Abrasive Blasting Equipment offered by Midwest, specifically manual blast cabinets, automated blast systems, and wheel blast equipment.

For Manual Blast Cabinet Options, Midwest Finishing offers:

·         Proformer Blast Cabinets

·         Pro-Finish Cabinets

·         IL-885 Conveyor Cabinets

·         FaStrip Blast Cabinets

·         BBO Basket Blasters

·         BB2/Basket Blasters

For Automated Blast Systems, Midwest Finishing offers:

·         Indexing Turntables

·         Batch Processing

·         Continuous Processing

·         Rotary Head

·         Automated Shot Preening

·         Cell Machine

Midwest Finishing Systems Now Offers Production Info Online

·         Four-Axis Machine

For Wheel Blast equipment, Midwest Finishing offers:

·         Tumble Blasters

·         Table Blasters

·         Hanger Blast Systems

·         Dual Chamber Spinner Hangers

·         Hanger Table Blasters

·         Wire Mesh Belt Blasters

·         Monorail Blast Systems

·         Roller Conveyor Blast Systems

Additional Abrasive Blasting Equipment offered by Midwest include Pneumatic Recovery Systems, Portables, Blast Rooms and Wet Blast Systems. PDFs of the specific product offerings on these offerings will be added in the next few months as they become available.

In addition to Abrasive Blasting Equipment, Midwest Finishing Systems offers Vibratory Finishing equipment, Parts Washing equipment, Dust Collectors, and Grinding and Polishing equipment. More information is available at midwestfinishingsystems.com.

Midwest Finishing Systems is located in Wisconsin at 1040 Cottonwood Ave #100 in Hartland, WI 53029. They were founded in 1991, and in addition to products, offer complete metal finishing job shop services.

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