Diversified Plastics, Inc. and Pacific Plastics Injection Molding synergies benefit customers and employees

July 10, 2019 - "Press Releases"


MINNEAPOLIS—Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI) and Pacific Plastics Injection Molding (PPIM) have advanced their resources through collaboration and shared capabilities. As a result of efforts since DPI acquired PPIM at the end of 2018, customers and employees have benefited from the synergies between the two businesses. Customers benefit from added capabilities and PPIM employees are looking forward to being eligible for the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Combined, DPI and PPIM have more than 100 employees in facilities totaling 73,000 square feet.

Delivering small to large production runs of plastic injection-molded and digitally manufactured parts, DPI is headquartered in Minnesota and PPIM is in California. Both locations are geographic hubs for medical-device and other industries.

“Business and customer needs change. Through collaboration and investment in our facilities, we are repurposing equipment and streamlining processes,” says Kevin Hogan, chief executive officer of Diversified Plastics, Inc. “In addition, we realize significant savings in insurance and greater combined purchasing power for materials.”

After acquiring a new electric press as part of DPI’s initiative to be 70 percent electric by 2020, a 390-ton press from the Minneapolis manufacturing plant was installed at PPIM, increasing capacity. In need of a color match quality system for specific customers, PPIM’s spectrometer was relocated to DPI. Also, other equipment was sent to the California facility. Thanks to DPI’s Carbon Network Production Partnership, PPIM has completed Carbon training and offers customers additive manufacturing when appropriate.

“Blending our marketing resources and efforts has improved results while sharing costs,” says Rob Gilman, general manager at PPIM. “DPI and PPIM use the same enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, making management simpler. As part of our continuous improvement program, DPI is sharing its expertise in 5S lean manufacturing. Providing cleanroom assembly and manufacturing at the Minneapolis facility has expanded our capabilities to existing and new medical-device customers.”

About Diversified Plastics, Inc.

Employee-owned Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI) is a custom plastic-injection molder and digital manufacturer of high-precision, close-tolerance parts and components for medical-device, filtration, aerospace and a variety of other industrial markets. Founded in 1977, the company is a full-service contract manufacturer providing design for manufacturing assistance, additive manufacturing, mold construction and intricate molding as well as cleanroom assembly. In 2018, DPI joined the Carbon Production Network. DPI is ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certified, FDA registered, ITAR certified and UL registered.

About Pacific Plastics Injection Molding

Founded in 1980, Pacific Plastics Injection Molding (PPIM) produces custom injection molds and molded plastic parts that meet or exceed customer requirements, on schedule, at a competitive price. ISO 9001:2015 registered, the company has a fully integrated operation offering design, in-house and offshore tooling and production.

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