SmartTrak®: Master of All Flows!

November 16, 2017 - "Video"

Watch this video to discover the capabilities and versatility of mass flow controllers (MFCs). Sierra’s SmartTrak® series, often called the Swiss Army Knife of mass flow controllers, is a precision line of digital mass flow controllers built on unprecedented performance, user-friendliness and flexibility.

Learn how Sierra’s capillary thermal mass flow controllers are designed to deliver quality, consistent and accurate results every time in industries such as pharmaceuticals, OEM, laboratory, gas distribution, food and beverage, and semiconductor. 

A true multi-gas digital MFC, simply choose a gas from the menu and it’s ready to go, without losing any accuracy. In addition, you can adjust engineering units, flow range, and set zero, span and full scale independently for each gas.

Learn more about Sierra's SmartTrak® mass flow controller series.

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