How Capillary Thermal Mass Flow Meter Technology Works

June 10, 2014 - "Video"

Short 3-Minute Video Goes Inside Mass Flow Meters



Learn the principle of operations of capillary thermal flow technology for mass flow measurement and control. Follow the molecule of gas through the pipe to learn the physics of directly measuring mass flow.

Sierra offers a wide range of mass flow meters and controllers for precise and repeatable gas flow measurement. The capillary thermal principal of operation is based on heat transfer and the first law of thermodynamics. During operation, process gas enters the instrument’s flow body and it divides into two flow paths. The vast majority of the gas flow passes through the Laminar Flow Element (LFE) bypass. A very small portion of the total flow is diverted through a small “Capillary” sensor tube with an ID between .007 to .028 inches.

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