Why Going Beyond the Box Matters

January 10, 2019 - "Press Releases"


Today’s packaging has come a long way from where it used to be. Rather than serve a simple purpose of function for product containment, protection, and transportation, packaging has evolved as a part of a product’s overall marketing package.

Walk down any aisle in the supermarket and you’ll find a maze of similar products. Distinguishing one product from another and which ones are the better choice are not always noticeable. In truth, your corrugated packaging design must pass the test of function, transportability, and appeal to win over the competition. Do you have what it takes to accomplish this feat?


Why Packaging Design Matters

Product packaging must accomplish more each day since consumers are busier and more mobile than ever. That means that portability and convenience are two key factors needed for product packaging to appeal to consumers and boost business.
Although the impact that corrugated cardboard packaging design is still being researched, one thing is certain. Packaging design matters to consumers in more than one way. The right packaging design for your products can boost your business and sales volumes. For consumers making in-store buying decisions, packaging matters more. It signals to consumers the quality and appeal of your product and brand, regardless of whether that was your intent. Thus, manufacturers are more and more rolling packaging design into their overall marketing efforts. 

Build a Sustainable, Corrugated Brand

One benefit corrugated cardboard packaging has over other types of product packaging is its sustainability. Considering today’s consumers are seeking out brands that emphasize eco-friendlier solutions to product and packaging needs, corrugated cardboard provides a logical choice. Corrugated packaging has much to offer and a whopping 93% of corrugated packaging is reportedly recycled for reuse and transformation into new paper and packaging products. It’s sustainable packaging with a twist and readily accepts new printing technologies to produce graphics and images that are sure to attract your consumers’ attention.
The problem, however, is not with the sustainability or printability of cardboard packaging, but rather, stepping outside the proverbial box and defining product packaging through innovation. Technology, though, has come a long way, Baby.

Going Beyond the Box

With technology ever-evolving, corrugated cardboard packaging offers up more opportunities than even Pandora herself could design in one box. You can bend it, twist it, fold it, or roll it to your heart’s content and still come up with something unique and appealing enough to entice your consumers. While packaging also aligns with your marketing efforts, today’s consumers are looking for more. Engagement and interaction come to mind and the IoT, or Internet of Things, has much to offer and won’t let you down should you decide to follow that path.
There’s also no rule that states that creating the best, corrugated cardboard packaging design can’t be fun or interactive. In fact, in some cases, smart packaging for your consumers might be just what the corrugated cardboard design doctor orders. In fact, interactive packaging is downright rewarding...for consumers as much as for the brands themselves. Consider Budweiser’s innovative design for their 2018 FIFA World Cup collectible beer cup? In addition to employing smart technology within the cup itself, they also created a corrugated cup holder designed to perfectly accommodate up to eight of these cups. Brewski, anyone?
Packaging today need not fit into yesteryear’s mold. In fact, you’re often better off leaving that one where it belongs. Should it be nostalgic? Perhaps. Innovative or even downright futuristic? Sure. Different from all accounts? Absolutely! Corrugated packaging design can do all this and more with customization.
Capturing consumers’ attention with innovative corrugated packaging design is at the heart of the matter, but it doesn’t have to be all high-tech, though. Simple innovation to solve a common consumer problem paired with a creative, attractive design goes far. Go ahead and customize, customize, customize. We dare you. After all, settling for second best is, well, not usually what’s best for business. So, give Pandora a rest. Isn’t it time you moved beyond the box?
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