WEIMA to bring WLK4 to Plastics Recycling Conference

December 22, 2015 - "Press Releases"

The Plastics Recycling Conference has in years past been one of the most influential plastics conferences in the country. This year's event, which is being held once again in New Orleans, promises to be full to the brim with plastics machinery manufacturers. WEIMA is proud to be a gold sponsor of this outstanding event.
This year in the WEIMA booth, you can expect to see a WLK 4 single-shaft shredder on display. WEIMA offers machines ranging in size from small to large. This versatile machine, which is equipped with a V-Rotor, is able to process hard plastic scrap up to about the size of a bowling ball. Larger models within the WLK Series can also be equipped with an F-Rotor, which is ideal for processing film and fiber applications.
WLK 4 single-shaft shredder
Too often, plastic scrap is discarded instead of recycled because it is too large to be fed into a granulator. The WLK4 can eliminate this problem by pre-shredding the material to a consistent particle size in order to be introduced into a granulator for further processing. Once the material is processed, the granulate can be reintroduced into the material stream. This cuts back on the amount of virgin material that a company must purchase.
Stop by the WEIMA booth at the Plastics Recycling Conference to see this machine and talk to our sales team about the machine that will work best for your application. We want your company to benefit from WEIMA’s wealth of experience in size reduction technology.
For over 25 years, WEIMA has been a leader in size reduction within the wood, paper, and plastic industries. We acknowledge that waste comes in different shapes and sizes and that every application is unique. With
our wide range of shredding and briquetting equipment, WEIMA has a solution that will fit the needs of any
operation and turn waste into profit. We want you to benefit from our years of innovation and experience!
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