Eriez® Reports Increase in Sales and Demand for Conveyors used in Sanitary Applications

October 07, 2016 - "Press Releases"

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Eriez® has increased production of their popular TM and VMC Conveyors in response to growing sales and demand from customers in sanitary industries. “We are experiencing a spike in sales of our Model TM and VMC Conveyors for use in food applications, including candy and pet food,” says Rob Yandrick, Product Manager-Vibratory.

Model TM Conveyors are an ideal choice for applications requiring a custom and unique design. These mechanical drive units--offered in various sizes and lengths--can be suspended or base-mounted. They feature capacity of up to 275 tons per hour (250 mtph). Highlights include covers, gating, slide gates along the length of the conveyor, screens and sanitary construction. These rugged, efficient, high capacity units provide controlled movement of large volumes of bulk materials up to 35 feet (10.7 meters).

“Our Model TM Conveyors are designed to meet the cleanliness standards set forth for food and other sanitary industries,” explains Yandrick. “The quick release, rapid changeover, pop-off design enables quick and easy cleaning while the dust-tight covers and trays keep out debris.”

Electromagnetic Model VMC Conveyors offer many of the same features that make TM Conveyors perfect for material handling in sanitary industry environments. They allow precise control, making them a great choice for scale feeding applications. VMC Conveyors cycle on and off and require virtually no maintenance.

Eriez VMC Conveyors are available with standard tray sizes ranging from 18 to 48-inches (457 to 1219mm) wide by 5 to 20-feet (1.5 to 6m) long. Depending on the intended use, tray liners of abrasion-resistant steel, stainless steel, polyethylene, rubber and other materials are available.

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