Hoffer Provides Flow Solution to World-Class Scientific Institution Los Alamos Neutron Science Center

October 24, 2017 - "Press Releases"

Hoffer Flow Controls Provides Turbine Flow Meters for LANSCE
Hoffer Flow Controls Provides Turbine Flow Meters for LANSCE

Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) is the major nuclear particle experimental facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory, underpinning the Laboratory as a world-class scientific institution. LANSCE pro¬vides the opportunity to perform experiments with low- to high-energy neutron sources and high-energy proton irradiations. As a desig¬nated Department of Energy national user fa¬cility, LANSCE hosts a considerable number of internal and external users, including large international collaborative research teams.

Of utmost importance for many of the lab operations is the ability to provide adequate cooling capabilities given the amount of energy created. Deionized water is used for some of these cooling operations.  

Hoffer turbine flow meters have been selected by the LANSCE lab for the measurement of cooling water on many of their flow applications.  The Hoffer meters are designed using 316L stainless steel construction for the meter housing and for the internal wetted parts of the meter.  Hard carbon composite sleeve type bearings were selected to provide good compatibility with the deionized water. Careful consideration is important when selecting the materials due to the high radiation environment.  The electronics used by the lab are located remote from the flow meters in a non-radiated and protected environment.  

The lab has now standardized on Hoffer turbine flow meters and has installed Hoffer turbine flow meters in sizes ranging from ¼” through 4”.  The meters have been installed for approximately two years and are providing excellent measurement data to the lab on a continuous basis.  The lab operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The continued performance is a testimony to the endurance of Hoffer turbine flow meters.

Hoffer Flow Controls has a long history of providing high quality, highly accurate turbine flow meter systems to the Navy and other areas of the U.S. defense and aerospace industries.  For more information please contact us http://www.hofferflow.com or Tel: 1-800-628-4584.






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