VECOPLAN Grand Opening Generates Rave Reviews

September 22, 2014 - "Press Releases"

VECOPLAN® now possesses the world’s largest and most advanced development center in the field of environmental technology

VECOPLAN® celebrated the grand opening of its new 17,000 square-foot Technology Center in Bad Marienberg, Germany, on August 5, 2014. The first-of-its-kind facility is equipped with more than 25 machines representing a comprehensive range of mechanical technologies for the processing, recycling or repurposing of waste and biomass. Processors can conduct comprehensive tests on their specific materials across customized systems that incorporate all necessary technologies. With the opening of the Center, VECOPLAN now covers the entire value chain of complex processes in-house, thus accelerating research and development time, and allowing for efficient test times.

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Machines operating in the Technology Center include: Size Reduction, shredders, chippers and granulators; Conveying, belt, screw, drag-chain, and diverting; Screening, waste, oscillating and vibratory; Magnetic separation, over-belt, drum and neodymium (rare earth); Non-Ferrous separation, eddy current; Air separation; Optical sorting; Plastics washing line; Dust collection and a super sack filling station. A significant investment of capital, time, space, and resources, the facility is yet another indication of VECOPLAN’S continued commitment to innovation and leadership in all areas of the environmental industry.

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Vecoplan continues to make significant advances in process engineering, material classification, sorting innovations and washing technologies, to once again raise the bar in our industry,” said Werner Berens, CEO – VECOPLAN AG. The Minister of Economic Affairs of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, Eveline Lemke, agreed adding, “This Technology Center proves that Vecoplan is one of the most innovative companies in its industry.”

Also dedicated to leadership in the environmental market, the Ministry of Economy announced the establishment of a Green Technology Network in the spring of 2015. The network will link leading green technology companies in the Rhineland-Palatine with regional, national and international economic and scientific players. Ms. Lemke stated, “The purpose of the Network is to encourage innovation, align the industry internationally, and ensure that the Rhineland-Palatinate will continue to be the leading location for Green Technology.”

A cornerstone in this Green Technology Network, VECOPLAN’S Technology Center, also incorporates two laboratories and a conference room adjacent to the machinery systems’ processing area. The labs allow for pertinent physical and chemical properties of material to be evaluated, both prior to and after processing through the facility’s equipment. This enables customers to immediately determine the success of a particular test. The conference room overlooks the machinery processing area, providing customers and VECOPLAN personnel a respite from their hands-on testing while maintaining involvement in the process.

Together the machinery systems’ processing area, the labs, and the conference room comprise the perfect environment for truly innovative thinking. “Working with our customers and evaluating tests conducted in our Technology Center, Vecoplan can customize individual machines and tailor entire systems to meet or exceed the needs of specific processors”, said Stefan Kaiser, Head of the Recycling Business Unit, Vecoplan AG. “Many customers have scheduled tests during our grand opening”, added Mr. Kaiser.


Additional information about Vecoplan AG

1969 - Founded in Bad Marienberg, Westerwald, Germany

For over 45 years Vecoplan has designed, engineered and manufactured quality machinery for shredding, conveying, screening, sorting, and general processing of both raw and residual material for recovery and reuse.

Established throughout the world in the Wood, Biomass, Pelletizing, Plastics, Paper, and Commercial & Domestic Waste markets, Vecoplan is also recognized as a leader in size reduction for special applications.

Still headquartered in Bad Marienburg, Germany, but with over 450 employees around the world, Vecoplan is one of the most versatile companies in the waste and recycling industries, with an exceptionally broad product portfolio.

As part of its “Think globally, but act locally” philosophy - Vecoplan now includes:

Vecoplan LLC, in Archdale, NC, USA

Vecoplan Midwest, in New Albany, IN, USA

Vecoplan Ltd., Birmingham, UK

Vecoplan Iberica, SL, Bizkaia, Spain

Vecoplan Austria GmbH, Austria

Waste Tec GmbH, Germany

As well as numerous sales offices throughout the world

In addition to its world-class machinery, Vecoplan offers: Engineering services, Overall project management, Installation, Systems commissioning, and after sales Parts, Maintenance and Service.

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