VAC-U-Max Offers Batch-Weighing Hopper Feeders

November 13, 2015 - "Press Releases"

VAC-U-MAX offers a full range of batch-weighing hopper feeders utilizing digital load cells that deliver powders and granular bulk materials to process vessels with accuracies of .05% of batch size.

VAC-U-MAX batch-weighing systems are designed for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, for enclosed dust-free operation, maximizing on ingredient savings, end product quality, and inventory control.

Weighing of bulk materials can be done at the pickup point and at discharge point, based on accuracy requirements and overall batch size.

VAC-U-MAX combines modern computerized technology, with innovative mechanical and pneumatic designs, producing ingredient handling systems that not only free operators of physical effort but also perform sophisticated pneumatic conveying operations with little human assistance.

VAC-U-MAX batching systems are designed and custom engineered for application parameters, with assurance that the system will perform to exact requirements. Bulk materials can be conveyed from drums, bags, bulk bags, intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s), flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC’s), or supersacks.




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