Konecranes New Customer Portal yourKONECRANES.com Rolls Out in North America

October 25, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Customer Portal yourKONECRANES.com is in North America

Global lifting leader Konecranes (HEX: KCR1V) is in the process of implementing yourKONECRANES.com, a new internet portal in North America that will give its customers quick and easy access to their crane maintenance information. Usage data from TRUCONNECT® Remote monitoring and maintenance data and asset details from MAINMAN are linked, giving customers a transparent view of events and activities over any selected time interval.

"This is an another example of delivering Lifecycle Care in Real Time," says Jim Skowron, Konecranes Regional VP sales, service. "When I demonstrate this tool for customers they are amazed at how quickly they can access information about work that was just performed on their equipment."


According to Skowron, what customers are finding most valuable are the overview and activity pages. Here they can view overhead crane safety alerts, risks and spend at their location, along with service activities in a selected time frame. A service calendar shows if there is a service visit already scheduled. If not, a new service request button allows the customer to initiate a service call with just a few clicks.

"The yourKONECRANES.com overview page gives our customer an immediate look at his or her situation," says Skowron. "It may show 10 open safety risks that exist in that fleet of equipment today. With this information the customer can determine what to do to take care of these 10 issues and develop a plan with Konecranes or in-house maintenance to schedule the needed repairs."

As a resource, yourKONECRANES.com allows the customer to view, analyze and share crane data with other decision-makers in his organization. Insights can be drawn by observing anomalies, patterns and trends, which helps the team make informed, fact-based maintenance decisions.

And, access to the data can be tailored to suit the customer's needs. "We can set up user log-in accounts that allow some users to see only certain things," says Skowron. "For example, if you are a plant manager and you don't want others to see what you are spending per year, we can mask the financial data for those people. They won't see how much is being spent, but they will see information about the maintenance being performed."

Customers are also responding positively to a variety of other advantages of working with yourKONECRANES.com. For example, when the customer creates a service request it comes to a designated person as an alert email for the fastest possible response. When the service is completed, the customer will find a service request summary card posted at the portal showing work performed, the number of safety risks found and issues that have been quoted or are still open.

In addition to maintenance and financial information, yourKONECRANES.com also offers access to reports, drawings, pending proposals and remote monitoring on equipment equipped with TRUCONNECT. Running hours, hoist motor starts, hoist overloads, emergency stops and over-temperatures are some of the revealing data points tracked by TRUCONNECT.

"Managers who don't routinely interact with our technicians used to make a lot of phone calls to find out what was going on with their equipment," said Skowron. "Now, just a few clicks inside the portal gives them complete visibility very quickly."

Canadian implementation of yourKONECRANES.com is now fully in place. Rollout in the U.S. is projected to be at 65-70 percent by the end of 2016, and completed by the end of 2017. Over 4,500 North American customers are currently connected to the service.

In 2015, Group sales totaled EUR 2,026 million. The Group has 11,900 employees at 600 locations in 48 countries. Konecranes is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki (HEX: KCR1V).

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