Talan Products Receives 2018 Evolution of Manufacturing Award

May 06, 2019 - "Press Releases"

Alliance Industrial Solutions is proud to be the presenting sponsor for the 2018 Evolution of Manufacturing awards.
Each of us receives many event invitations every year but for us, and hopefully for you, we recognize that this annual event has become the must-attend event of the year. Not only is it important to recognize the innovation and leadership these companies bring to Northeast Ohio, but it’s also important to make sure everyone knows that manufacturing is cool again.
In many ways, this year’s honorees represent not only an evolution, but also a revolution against the rigidity and limitations of the past. This year’s conference theme of Industry 4.0 speaks directly to the pressures we are all facing, especially in the war for talent.
Evolution is about transformation and adaptation. In some cases this means the manufacturing processes of tomorrow may look little like today’s. In exactly the same manner, the workforce will evolve and change as well.
The goal for all of us is to stay on the forefront of this rapid change in the so-called war for talent. Even automation brings with it the need for workers unlike those we may have needed in the past. Whether the workforce develops new skills alongside traditional skills or shifts to primarily entry-level work or to a room full of robots, there will continue to be career opportunities.
For someone entering the workforce for the first time, we must always remember that manufacturing remains just a single choice out of myriad options. Our goal is to work with every company in Northeast Ohio who values talent as its most important resource.
I believe the workforce is searching for the same thing — they all want to be appreciated and feel like they are making a difference. Manufacturing remains a viable and exciting career opportunity. It is abundantly evident that this year’s honorees all share this sentiment.
Congratulations again to this year’s Evolution of Manufacturing winners for making their mark on manufacturing and specifically for choosing Northeast Ohio as their place to make the magic happen.
Talan Products Inc. has enjoyed a positive growth curve for 31 years and that is not by accident. The company is led by CEO Steve Peplin and is always looking to improve and ride the tides of change as Talan’s markets, competition, workforce and world continues to change.
In the last several years, the company has grown from being an entrepreneurially managed business to one that is now professionally managed. This helps everyone focus on successful metrics and understand what needs to be done to keep those metrics trending in a positive direction.
Ownership of the business comes from two different perspectives. One owner is very focused on process and numbers and is very detail-oriented. The other loves to look at the big picture and big ideas, which positions Talan to look at new opportunities and markets. The very beginnings of the company revolved around being creative by using conventional equipment in unconventional ways and the team is still encouraged to do that every day.
Other manufacturers may have the same equipment. However, it is Talan’s people and their creativity that sets the business apart from the competition. Talan still has its first four customers from the early days of the business, but that didn’t happen by standing still. Customers evolved and so has Talan.


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