6 Reasons to Choose BEPeterson for Your Industrial Fabrication Needs

January 11, 2017 - "Press Releases"

Why to Choose BEPeterson for Industrial Fabrication

Since 1935, BEPeterson is considered the trusted name in industrial fabrication. At BEPeterson, we provide industrial custom metal fabrication services which allow us meet stringent client requirements and exceed their expectations. This post explores 6 reasons why you should consider us for your next metal fabrication project.

Why to Choose BEPeterson for Industrial Fabrication

Important Features of Custom Metal Fabrication Services

We provide metal fabrication services to clients on a large scale basis from our 90,000 sq. feet facility in Massachusetts. We specialize in custom metal fabrication of heavy gauge metal parts and equipment. This capability allows us to deliver a customized product that meets client specifications. The following reasons will help you understand why we have a long list of regular clients, and why many of our prospects consider us for the job.


  1. Certifications: BEPeterson is ASME certified manufacturer of metal parts with S, R, U, and UM stamp approvals. We can provide CRN, CE, PED and ABS certification on request. These certifications show our compliance with high industry regulations and standards.
  2. Complete Assistance from Design to Delivery: Our engineers help customers from initial concept to engineering, layout, fabrication, and testing phase. This helps us provide quality products with minimum errors. Close customer interactions have already catapulted us into the league of most trusted industrial metal fabrication services.
  3. Fabrication Options: Our low-cost material procurement, and advanced manufacturing expertise help us create, and deliver high-quality products successfully. The following are a few examples of our heavy gauge custom metal fabrication services:
    • Pressure Tanks
    • ASME Tanks
    • ASME Vessels
    • Stainless Steel Components
    • Industrial Fan and Pump Housings
    • Sub-Assemblies, Complex Assemblies, and Systems
    • Burners
    • Heavy Gauge Ductwork
    • Heavy Custom Fabrications
    • Vacuum Chambers and Vacuum Furnaces
    • Pressure Filter Vessels
    • Low NOx Filters
    • OFA’s
  4. Vast Material Experience: We have extensive work experience and expertise with various stainless steel to high-grade alloys. We have already worked with 200 and 300 series SS, aluminum, hastelalloy alloys, carbon steels, as well as 2205 and 2207 Duplex SS.
  5. Excellent Quality Control: Quality is our prime goal that drives us forward. We are a ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which shows our adherence to stringent quality measurements. We are continually striving to upgrade our manufacturing, design, and quality control systems. We utilize FaroArm systems for quality inspection. For novices, FaroArm is a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), which is used by manufacturers to perform a detailed inspection at each phase of manufacturing. We use the equipment to perform 3D inspections, CAD comparisons, tool certifications, and dimensional analysis.
  6. Customer Base: BEPeterson has built a loyal repeat customer base of the top names in industry. Our “who – who” of industrial giants in impressive and demanding. We have worked to satisfy the most stringent quality and delivery requirements of major OEM customers in the markets of Medical, Power & Utility, Filtration – Water and Chemical, Chemical Processing, Environmental, Building and Architectural. Let us add your company to the long list of satisfied BEPeterson customers.

Our industrial fabrication expertise, experience, and quality manufacturing solutions validate why we are the most preferred industrial fabrication services in the US.













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