NETZSCH Pumps Proving Useful in Brewery Applications

April 19, 2016 - "Press Releases"

NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC, experts in solutions designed specifically for difficult pumping applications, announces that its NEMO progressing cavity pumps are ideal for conveyance tasks in beer production environments, especially difficult-to-convey shear-sensitive ingredients and abrasive spent grain. NETZSCH has been at the cutting edge of designing pumps for the brewing industry for nearly 60 years, and has developed solutions to meet brewery-specific challenges.
The pumping process in NEMO progressing cavity pumps involves a rotor turning with an oscillating rotary motion within a fixed stator. The two components are precisely geometrically mated with one another, conveying chambers are formed between them, and these chambers advance during rotation. The medium is gently transported in these chambers from the inlet to the discharge side by the turning motion.
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Volume and pressure remain constant with NEMO pump technology, regardless of the viscosity or consistency of the substance being conveyed. In addition, no shear forces, pulsation, or pressure reversal points occur, which can damage or alter the medium. This is critical for the conveyance of valuable basic beer ingredients; with NEMO pumps, these ingredients are moved reliably and gently, and their quantity can be metered via pump speed. Even highly sensitive liquid yeast can be pumped using these systems, and NETZSCH offers special pumps with highly hygienic shaft sealings, polished surfaces, and a pump chamber design that has no dead spaces to guarantee a high level of product safety and particularly easy and thorough cleaning.
In addition, the abrasive nature and fluctuating consistency of spent grain does not present any problems for NEMO pumps, with the system of chambers between rotor and stator ensuring a conveyance that remains consistent in all cases. Other pumps are unable to handle this difficult step, experiencing blockages, dry running, and rapid wear from the abrasive medium.
The materials for the NEMO pumps’ rotors, stators and housings can be selected according to the area of application. For example, stainless steel in combination with a Buna stator is the best solution for the abrasive spent grain. For critical production areas that cannot be shut down even for a short time for maintenance work, NETZSCH has also developed stators with an integrated adjuster, allowing replacement of stators to be postponed until a suitable time.
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