Sprinter Marking’s Animation Videos

October 04, 2018 - "Press Releases"

In order to quickly demonstrate the action of Sprinter Markings ink code-marking machines, two animation videos have been created. One animation shows a Sprinter model 416 applying one line of text (part number) to a block type component. The other video (above) shows a Sprinter model 44 applying a dot symbol mark on a different type of block component. This is meant to represent a pass type of mark for a component that has passed a test (electrical, pressure etc.).
The videos are being incorporated into the home page of our website so prospects can immediately and visibly witness the machines operation and see how they are capable of code-marking.
The videos show the action of the machines moving from ink collection in the inverted position to ink code-marking in the extended position. The blocks to be marked are moved along a track to come to rest for the marking application then indexing forward so the next
block can be marked.
If there are any questions please feel free to contact John Bishop at Sprinter Marking.
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