BRM Announces 30-Second Engine Rebuild Video; Restores 350 Chevy Engine Block to Demonstrate Brushing Tools

December 18, 2014 - "Company News"

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), global supplier of flexible hones and automotive brushes, announces time-elapsed video that shows how BRM brushing tools are used to clean and rebuild engines. Related technical article describes how 30-second video demonstrates surface finishing solutions for automotive aftermarket and performance racing industry.

Los Angeles, CA (USA) (PRWEB) December 17, 2014

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Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), American-owned supplier of flexible cylinder hones and brushing tools, is announcing a time-elapsed video that shows how employees of the Los Angeles manufacturing company used BRM surfacing finishing technologies to rebuild a 350 Chevy engine. The 30-second video demonstrates applications for Flex-Hone® tools and BRM automotive brushes.

As a related technical article explains, none of the employees who participated in the engine cleaning project are full-time mechanics. Instead, the BRM team consisted of staff members who balanced an engine teardown and rebuild with their regular responsibilities. Once again, Brush Research has proven that its ball hones and industrial brushes are easy-to-use tools that set the standard for surface finishing.

Flex-Hone® Tools for ID Surface Finishing

As BRM’s 30-Second Engine Rebuild video shows, Flex-Hone® tools are used for inner diameter (ID) surface finishing. Their abrasive globules or balls are permanently bonded to flexible nylon filaments and impart the ideal finish to cylinder walls. BRM pioneered plateau finishing, which produces a series of oil-retaining grooves that optimize engine lubrication and promote piston ring sealing and seating.

Flexible cylinder hones can be mounted in most any rotating spindle. As the engine cleaning video shows, a handheld power tool such as a cordless electric drill can be used for cylinder wall surface finishing. Because they are self-centering and aligning to the bore, BRM ball hones also simplify engine maintenance. Mechanics do not need special training, and extensive setups are not required.

Automotive Brushes for Engine Block Cleaning

As a full-line supplier of surface finishing solutions, BRM also makes brushing tools for tasks such as engine block cleaning. In addition to Flex-Hone® tools, BRM’s 30-Second Engine Rebuild video features copper center wire wheel brushes, wire end brushes, and hand scratch brushes. All of these high-quality products are available via the BRM website, and through the company’s global network of distributors.

BRM surface finishing tools that were used in the engine rebuild project but not shown in the video include abrasive nylon copper center wheel brushes, cylinder washing brushes, abrasive nylon twisted-in-wire brushes, and the Flex-Hone® for Rotors. For more information about these and other products, contact BRM today.

About Brush Research Manufacturing

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), makers of flexible honing tools and a full line of automotive and diesel brushes, is located in Los Angeles, California. For over 55 years, BRM has been solving surface finishing challenges with brushing technology. BRM’s Flex-Hone® tool is the industry standard against which all other ID surface finishing are compared.

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