NewGen Shredders from Vecoplan

May 21, 2014 - "Press Releases"


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NewGen Shredders from Vecoplan


Vecoplan, the world leader in recycling technologies, offers their NewGen series of shredders.

Shredders, in the series, feature direct drives to their cutting rotors. This not only increases torque but also eliminates drive belts. With no drive belts to tighten or replace, maintenance time and costs are decreased proportionately. Swing-up screens, on NewGen shredders, provide a huge access portal to wear parts for quick and easy maintenance, as well as for clean out when changing the type of material being processed.


NewGen models come equipped with externally adjustable bed knives, allowing you to easily maintain optimal cutting tolerances. This is especially important when shredding plastic films, paper, wood veneers, and other thin materials. These bed knives are also reversible to deliver twice the wear life, another decrease in maintenance costs. NewGen shredders also incorporate double sidewalls into their design. This feature virtually eliminates thermal transfer between the rotor and the bearings, decreasing wear and increasing the machine’s durability.


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