VAC-U-MAX is Powder & Bulk Solids Magazine’s “Readers’ Choice” for Second Consecutive Year - Receiving Highest Score for “Recall Seeing” from “Baxter Ad Performance Study”

November 13, 2018 - "Press Releases"


(BELLEVILLE, NJ – November 8, 2018) - VAC-U-MAX proudly announces receiving Powder & Bulk Solids Magazine’s “Readers’ Choice Award” for second consecutive year, receiving the highest score for “Recall Seeing” from the “Baxter Ad Performance Study” which cites VAC-U-MAX’s advertisement as the “highest recalled advertisement” with a score of 79%. The Powder and Bulk Solids reading audience recalled seeing or reading the VAC-U-MAX ad the most, out of all advertisements. The “Recall Seeing” score reports on the total percentage of respondents that indicate they were exposed to the VAC-U-MAX advertisement by either seeing it or reading it. The “Baxter Ad Performance Study” is conducted via email with sample population selected from Powder and Bulk Solids Magazine’s qualified circulation list.

Since 1983, Powder & Bulk Solids provides information on innovative technologies for the dry powder and bulk solids handling industries, focusing on products, equipment, systems and services. The adViewPlus   ad study report demonstrates ad performance in the context of three steps: Exposure, Engagement and Involvement. As part of that study, “Recall Seeing” refers to the ability of an ad or editorial item to attract the respondent’s attention. VAC-U-MAX scored the highest in the categories of Conveyors: Pneumatic, Conveyors: Mechanical and Packaging & Bagging Equipment.


Since 1954 VAC-U-MAX designed and manufactured bulk material handling and industrial vacuum cleaning systems in Belleville, New Jersey, designing the world’s first industrial vacuum cleaner operating only on compressed-air for the highly combustible textile mills industry of New Jersey. VAC-U-MAX has had many firsts including the first to design and manufacture tube hopper material receivers for powders and granular materials; and VAC-U-MAX-venturi-operated receivers for vacuum conveying applications from handfuls to 25,000 lbs/hr (12,000 kg/hr) and beyond. VAC-U-MAX is a UL-listed designer and fabricator of control panels. An expert at conveying and cleaning powders and combustible dusts, the VAC-U-MAX product range includes ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaners for flammable liquids, combustible dusts and reactive powders.





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