Solutions Direct Introduces Pfannenberg’s Audible & Visual Signals

September 26, 2013 - "Press Releases"

Pfannenberg’s Industrial Signaling Solutions are Now Available from Solutions Direct

Riverside, CA (PRWEB) September 16, 2013 – Pfannenberg, a worldwide leader in audible and visual signals, has made Solutions Direct an authorized distributor for its products. This complements Solutions Direct’s line of electrical enclosures and process automation products. In factory buildings, on machines, aboard ships or on large structures, highways, bridges, and in tunnels, Pfannenberg’s signals warn of danger, fire, accidents, or technical defects. Early detection of failures and the associated alarm signals are indispensable for a trouble-free production process, as well as warning of and minimizing dangerous situations. This will reduce risks, downtime, and interruptions which will increase efficiency and prevent unnecessary costs.

Pfannenberg’s audible signaling devices include sounders, horns, sirens, buzzers, and bells, which fulfill numerous requirements in the following applications: machinery startup, chemical spill, control panel alarms, process upsets, and fire evacuation. The PATROL PA Series sounders electronically generate acoustic tones so there are no moving parts, vastly increasing reliability. They can operate in any climate and can be surface or wall-mounted. With their sound capsule technology, these sounders deliver more low-frequency punch than piezoelectric elements for superior sound penetration through walls, doors, and obstructions.

Horns and sirens with integrated flashing strobe lights, also known as “flashing sounders,” are an excellent choice to ensure alarm notification in environments with high ambient noise conditions. The PATROL PA X Series flashing sounders combine audible signaling devices with a visual indicator, further increasing visibility and safety. The lens cover is large, highly visible, and available in a variety of colors. There is no filament break on the xenon strobe flash tube and it is secured by a steel clamp for further protection. Available in 5, 10, or 15 Joules of flash energy to suit various levels of required coverage area. Lights can either be activated individually or in conjunction with the sounder. The technology permits an unrivaled life span of 8,000,000 flashes while retaining greater than 70% light emission.

Both the PA and PA X industrial sounders have nominal sound outputs of 100, 105, 110, or 120 dB(A). In addition, they have 80 selectable tones, including sweeping, alternating, pulsing, and interrupted tones as well as simulated bells, sirens, and whoops. The durable housing is manufactured from a polycarbonate/ABS blend and is available in red or grey to meet any application need or simply for aesthetics. Covers are easily secured with ? turn captive fasteners so they will never drop or get lost. Molded-in captive gaskets provide an IP 66 rated seal against dust and liquids, enabling use in most environments.
The PYRA flashing strobe light series has the same design and construction as the PA and PA X series and is perfect for applications which only require visual signaling. The compact flashing light is not only adaptable to many applications, but it is also impressive due to its safe and simple mounting. Available in grey or red housing with lens colors in clear, white, yellow, amber, red, green, or blue.

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About Pfannenberg:

The Pfannenberg Group is an international manufacturing company based in Hamburg, Germany with branches, production sites and agents in 44 countries around the world. The Pfannenberg Group collectively manufactures industrial thermal management products, visual and audible alarm systems, and art illumination products.

Pfannenberg Incorporated's North American engineering and manufacturing facility is located near Buffalo, New York and specializes in engineering and production of products which provide thermal management of industrial electrical enclosures as well as signaling technology.


About Solutions Direct Online:

Solutions Direct Online is an online distributor that provides technical products for industrial customers and strives to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices. A partial list of our products include: electrical enclosures, electronic racks & cabinets, infrared temperature measurement products, machine components, material testing equipment, process control & measurement products, and scales & balances.


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