Automated Guided Vehicle System for Agricultural Equipment Assembly

March 20, 2024 - "Press Releases"

Automated Guided Vehicle System for Agricultural Equipment Assembly


An agricultural company, renowned for its innovative approaches to farming machinery, identified a need for an efficient method to move their newest tractor through various assembly stages. Recognizing the complexity and the high-capacity requirements of the task, they sought an automated solution to streamline the assembly process. 


“When using this AGV system, it  reliably follows a predetermined  path, eliminating the need for  manual operation and reducing  unknown variables, ultimately  saving time.”  

-Brendan Espy 

Mechanical Design Engineer 

Align Production Systems 

The Problem  

The primary challenge was designing a system capable of handling a large tractor,  with a capacity requirement of 110,000  pounds, through all assembly stages. The process involved pulling the tractor into each station, performing assembly work, and then moving it to the next station in an assembly line style. 


The Solution 

The solution was a wheeled transporter with  Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) capability,  with self-charging functions. This system enables the tractor to move easily through the assembly line then the AGV returns to the beginning of the line on its own. The  design included: 


Column Lifts and End of Line Lift: Used for efficiently handling the tractor at the beginning  and end of the assembly process. 

Dual Component AGV Transporter: Features an AGV tugger and a bogey unit, optimizing maneuverability and cost while accommodating the tractor's length. 

Full Automation with Safety Features:  Incorporates safety scanners to detect obstructions, ensuring a smooth and safe operation.


Implementation and Results 

The AGV system has been in testing at the agricultural company's site since early last year, with full production mode anticipated to commence shortly. Although it's a new line and direct time savings comparisons are challenging, the automated process is expected to offer significant efficiencies over manual alternatives. This system is designed to integrate with the company's Andon planning system, which provides real-time alerts for line operations. The AGV system always follows a reliable path, so it's less likely to make mistakes or be inefficient like manual tractors. 

 The objective was to enhance efficiency in the assembly of heavy machinery using automation. The project's success highlights the power of automation, client collaboration, and innovative engineering solutions to tackle logistical challenges in industrial settings.


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