Intermark Produces Well-Designed Onboard Contacts

January 31, 2013 - "Capabilities "

Intermark designs high quality EMI grounding materials including onboard contacts that have several advantages including EMI noise reduction on the PCB and effectiveness against ESD immunity. These onboard contacts are supplied on a reel for easy automation during manufacturing and have space-saving FG reinforcement done at the beginning of the design phase.

Intermark’s grounding components capture EMI signals and eliminate them with proper grounding, which is a cost-effective solution to reduce EMI noise. Applications for the onboard contacts include cell phones, GPS, POS, telecom, medical instruments, computers, as well as automotive and military applications. Grounding technology is essential in the ever-changing, ever-shrinking world of electronics as these limited space applications such as smart phones and thin laptops have more internal noise interference between components.

Intermark provides SMT type onboard contacts as EMI noise solutions for higher frequency ranges in combination with filtering or shielding solutions. These are cost effective parts that can fit into the smallest gaps for almost any application. Let Intermark be the source for your grounding technology and noise reduction needs.



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