Oil-Rite Introduces New Oil Distribution Product: Hydracision®

February 01, 2013 - "Capabilities "

Oil-Rite Corporation is pleased to announce the release of their newly developed lubricant distribution product, Hydracision®.  Designed for reliability and efficiency, Hydracision® distributes lubrication to multiple separate points, from as few as twelve and up to hundreds. This multi-point lubrication method is ideal for injection molding, punching presses, conveyors, printing presses, packaging machinery, machine tools, manufacturing processes, and assembly systems. Hydracision®  is hydraulically powered and self-contained, employing the precision of positive displacement injection with the efficient hydraulic movement of fluid.  Simple to configure and use, the product package offers several options to the customer without overwhelming calculations, pages of schematics, or complex components.

Hydracision® uses an electric gear pump as the essential pressure mechanism and positive displacement injectors operate under pressure generated by the central housing.  The injectors connect directly to the main line, but can also be installed at remote locations with additional tubing and a tee connection. Users are able to program specific lubrication intervals using the logic device. Dispensing is always reliable and consistent because each injector functions independently of the others, which means if disruption happens to occur at a single point, the other injectors will remain unaffected.

Included in the streamlined Hydracision® package is a clear polycarbonate fluid reservoir in a standard 2 liter size, and the reservoir housing contains the PLC, gear pump motor, and programming panel. A low level sensor in the reservoir warns when the fluid level is low, which can help prevent time loss from periodic shut downs. Positive displacement injectors deliver a precise amount of oil with each cycle, and this eliminates waste and hazards associated with over-lubrication. The reliability of Hydracision® has been proven by achieving over 10 million cycles without significant wear or maintenance. Hydracision® is just one of the many products offered by Oil-Rite Corporation, which has been designing and manufacturing lubrication equipment since 1933. For more information, visit the Oil-Rite profile.






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