Intek Wins Leadership Award for Innovation

December 08, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Intek Recognized with Leadership Award for Innovation

By Gregg Jones, Missourian Staff Writer

Intek Corporation, Union, recently was recognized by others in the manufacturing world with the Engineering, Innovation and Design award.

The Union business was presented the award by the Missouri Association of Manufacturing during the 2016 Made in Missouri Leadership Awards.

“It gives us a sense of validation,” said Intek President and owner Jesse Stricker. “We’re small but we’re running with the big dogs.

 “It gives credibility to our customers and employees alike,” he added.

The award was presented to Intek for its innovative work in the field of industrial heating products, electric heating elements, heater modules and process ovens.

Stricker noted that Intek has developed a heater that can be changed to be powered by either gas or electricity.

The company has developed other products to make the infared industry better and meet the needs of its customers.

The company recently was recognized with the Export Award from the Small Business and Tech Development Center at University of Missouri Extension, as well as the Exporter of the Year by the Small Business Administration, St. Louis District.

Intek was recognized by the Union Area Chamber of Commerce with its Uniquely Union Award in November.

“In just one year for a small company there has been a lot of innovation,” said Stricker. “We are happy to be recognized this way.”

With just 15 employees and a 23,000-square-foot office and manufacturing facility at 290 Independence Drive in Union, Intek has customers all over the world, said Stricker, including Dubai, Belgium, China and India.

Screen printing, space heating and process heating are the major markets served by Intek. The company’s patented electric infrared heating element is the predominant heat source used in most of its products.

Intek was founeded in 1996 but moved to Union from Imperial in 2002. At the time there were just two employees.

The majority of Intek’s customers are in the electronics, textile printing, metal finishing, automotive and aerospace (commercial, private and defense) industries.

In the aerospace industry, Intek’s products have been used in refinishing the interior walls of airplanes, as well as the finishing of component parts, to cure the paint coating.


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