Nol-Tec Pneumatic Conveying System for Frac Sand

August 01, 2016 - "Video"

Pneumatic conveying is a smart solution for frac sand conveying. In fact, Nol-Tec pneumatic conveying systems offer several distinct advantages of mechanical conveying systems. In this video, Nol-Tec Systems shows how pneumatic conveying can improve frac sand conveying processes.

Reasons to choose pneumatic conveying systems for frac sands:

• Pneumatic conveying systems offer far more flexibility than mechanical conveying systems.

• Air Assists injectors in the convey line keep the sand moving while preventing clogging in the lines.

• You can expand your capabilities without expanding your plant’s footprint.

• Pneumatic conveying systems offer 100% dust containment. This protects your workers’ health and prevents deadly explosions.

• Pneumatic systems help prevent product loss.

• The systems are completely scalable, so as your business grows, the pneumatic conveying system can grow along with it.

Nol-Tec has more than 30 years of experience with pneumatic conveying systems. Using extensive in-house testing, we’ve developed this cutting edge technology for frac sand conveying. We can help ensure that your frac sand business adheres to strict federal standards. For more information about our pneumatic conveying solutions for handling frac sand, contact Nol-Tec Systems today. Call 651-705-8620 or visit us online at

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