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June 04, 2015 - "Press Releases"

If you are looking for a highly efficient low shear mixing blade, then look no further. The hydrofoil is a 3 bladed high efficiency impeller. It is known for its high efficiency because it is able to produce the greatest amount of flow per horsepower in the spectrum of Mixer Direct’s line of mixing blades. With a low shear design, the hydrofoil gives the mix motion while using the least amount of energy possible. The hydrofoil is also economically priced and a great alternative to propellers. This is especially true when dealing with propellers of large diameters. The hydrofoil impeller is also a popular choice due to its ability to pair with the flange mount mixer, plate mount mixer, and our top entry mixer line.

Hydrofoil Impeller by Mixer Direct

Hydrofoil Construction

Hydrofoil Impellers by Mixer Direct

The 3 blades and hub of the hydrofoil are constructed from 316SS. However, the hydrofoil can also be custom made 304SS. The hydrofoil’s 3 blades can be bolted on or welded to the hub for sanitary applications. Both include a bore.

Bore Size

Hydrofoil Impeller Bore Size

A bore is a circular cut hole found in the center of the hub. The bore is located where the shaft would attach with set screws or be welded to the hydrofoil. Bore sizes most commonly are found in a range from 1/2” to 2.5”, but can also be customized for other sizes based on the width and length of the shaft. When purchasing an impeller, match the diameter of your shaft to the bore size.

Impeller Diameter

Impeller Diameter

A hydrofoil can be found in a wide range of diameters. Most commonly, the hydrofoil diameter ranges from 3”-70”. This is another aspect of the hydrofoil that can be customized to just about any conceivable size.

Right handed vs. Left handed

Left handed hydrofoils are the industry standard when it comes to high efficiency impellers. However, the hydrofoil can also be customized in the right handed format.

Industry Application

Close Up of Impeller

In the world of industrial mixing, there is a correct choice in impeller based upon the viscosity of the materials in the mix. As the industry standard impeller for low shear mixing, the hydrofoil is a highly efficient fit for low viscosity substances. For example, the hydrofoil is ideal for solid suspension. This means that it keeps solids off the bottom of your mixing tank to allow for homogenization to take place. This high efficiency impeller can be used for many low shear mixing applications. Two common applications include distilling and chemicals.

Need To Order A Hydrofoil?

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